Through exceptional products, services, and customer care, MarketView exceeds the expectations of its clients and users.

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A nation-wide family chain restaurant ($120 million franchise)

We were printing approximately 2000 payroll checks and stubs every two weeks and were experiencing many incidents of fraudulent checks being presented to the bank for payment. This prompted our search for an alternative way to pay our employees. But our biggest challenge was deciding on the right vendor.

After an exhaustive review of several key vendors in the pay card vendor space, we decided to go with MarketView, and they have exceeded our very high expectations. They have responded to every challenge we have presented to them, and have gone the extra mile in helping us in unexpected ways.

We have realized cost savings and productivity gains. In short, this has been a wonderful experience.

William L. DeFord

Monterey County Bank

Compliance and monitoring issues are high on the radar with State and Federal Examiners. This process becomes even more advanced when a Bank contracts with third party companies such as MarketView Resources for card services.

We have been utilizing your Customer Service tracking system for the purpose of program monitoring. Of all of our third party service centers, your system is the most comprehensive of all of our customers. I compliment both you and your staff for the implementation of this system.

Again, thank you for assisting the Bank in this area.

Andre G Herrera, Senior Vice President—Monterey County Bank

PRO-FACTORS Payroll Service

The best thing about working with MarketView is their service. We have had several interesting situations where MarketView has gone above and beyond the expected level of customer service to accommodate us and our clients.

We tell our clients that the biggest advantage of using us is that we are able to react quickly to serve their needs.

Well, this has been our experience with MarketView - its ability to act quickly to serve our needs.

I can't say enough about how accommodating they have been. We have been sending our clients to MarketView for two years and will continue to do so for as long as the above remains true.

Brian Weimer, PRO- FACTORS Payroll Service, CEO—CPA, MT