Strategic Partners

First Data, Inc., Electronic Payment Services (EPS)

Processing Partner

First Data, Inc., provides two primary services in support of the MarketView payroll debit card product:

Network Processing
– branding and routing of the payroll cards for ATM and POS transactions under the MAC©/STAR© Debit Network brands (which also now includes the CashStation© Network as well).

Card Management Services – provides for the establishment of all payroll debit cards on the First Data card management and authorization system (CMA), to include the account balances for each card/account, and to provide on-line authorization of ATM and POS transactions throughout the MAC©/STAR© network and any other regional or national networks in which these cards participate.


Our global reach is extended by PLUS.

PLUS is Visa’s global ATM mark. Cardholders can use their MarketView’s PLUS-symbol-bearing ATM card to obtain 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to their funds on deposit through the world’s largest ATM network – more than 700,000 ATMs in more than 130 countries. The PLUS system uses wholesale rates of exchange so cardholders are always assured of favorable rate of exchange when traveling.

Authorization is provided for each transaction, enabled by a personal identification number (PIN) only, providing highly effective risk control.

MarketView cardholders can make purchases at 2 million retail locations nationwide including specialty stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and quick service restaurants – even the U.S. Post Office. Click on the above link to view the wide range of retailers.