The diversity of our client base is our strength.

We provide turnkey debit card services to a wide range of clients. One category includes small to medium payroll companies across the country which serve small businesses.

PayMaster, Inc.



Each payroll company serves some 400 (small-medium) businesses. These small businesses range from national restaurant franchises including: Denny's; Pizza Huts; IHOPs; Applebee's restaurants, etc; Gas Stations franchises; to locally owned retail establishments; manufacturing and construction enterprises; and non-profit organizations.

Another category includes large payroll companies. Our most recent addition was PayCheck - the second largest payroll service provider in the US.

A third category of clients are what we call "direct clients". That category includes large end-clients. One example is an owner and franchise operator of several Golden Corral restaurants, which employs over 3,000 employees that span across the states of Alaska, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.