Nate Cagle

Mr. Nate Cagle
Senior Manager- Human Resource Consulting

Nate Cagle is a senior human resource executive leading MarketView’s HR practice.

With over twenty years of experience in assisting companies in a wide range of strategic business and human resource issues, Mr. Cagle has worked for the likes of PepsiCo, Kraft Inc, Barnes Aerospace, Fine Host Corporation and NUI Corporation. He has recently focused on: creating positive employee relations programs, employee policy and handbooks, performance management systems, sexual harassment training and removing discriminatory practices from the workplace, executive compensation, profit sharing plans, executive coaching, retention of key employees and succession planning, labor relations issues, benefit plan cost containment and strategic benefit issues.

Mr. Cagle holds a Master’s Degree from the Institute of Industrial and Labor Relations at the University of Illinois-Champaign.

Partial selection of staffs’ accomplishments:

  • Developed all written company policy. Researched and wrote company employee manual, all policy changes, benefits and Administration communications to employees, recruitment and compensation material, employment and termination agreements.
  • Generated HR and Administration related reports; organizational charts and structure, performance and development planning, manpower forecasting and succession planning, salary and compensation structure and analysis, sales commission structure and analysis, employee census and attendance/productivity reviews.
  • Managed all employee relations, hires and terminations, personnel record keeping and employee-related databases.
    Researched, performed benchmarks, and generated ERISA and non-ERISA policies and procedures supporting the acquisition and subsequent merging of new employee population into an the existing corporate culture; Handled EEO and COBRA compliance training for staff of 700, through written and oral training.
  • Directed all employee relations, progressive discipline, layoffs and performance and budget-related terminations. Researched and developed company-specific, rated performance appraisal program, as well as employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Directed recruitment department through strategy and enactment, new employee orientation and inductions, developed and maintained payroll and policy procedures, handled all relocation package calculations.
  • Oversaw all EEO practices, developed written materials and workshops for managers referencing best EEO practices involving employee grievances.
  • Handled all immigration matters related to employees engaged in H1B, Labor corporate immigration counsel.
    Human Resources and overall Compliance Officer. Responsible for overall OSHA compliance practices leave matters, FMLA, COBRA.
  • All levels of recruitment of exempt/non-exempt, editorial, sales, general and administrative employees.
    All phases of benefit management from plan purchase through enrollment.
  • Handled self-funded and fixed-cost healthcare plans. All OSHA regulatory practices, as well as further compliance practices related to population and industry.