How does your company plan to ensure compliance with the maze of emerging federal and state immigration regulations?

For many employers, the question is "where do we start?" The process of getting control over the immigration compliance program, especially for growing or highly decentralized companies, can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, MarketView is in the "solutions" business.

Our compliance program:

  • Reduces the risk of potentially significant fines for a fraction of the overall exposure;
  • Significantly reduces administrative overhead associated with compliance;
  • Reinforces employers' good-faith compliance in the event of an official audit;
  • Helps employers sleep better at night.

    The platform:

    a) Verifies a match between an employee's Social Security Number (SSN), name and DOB;

    b) Verifies a check against immigration records for foreign nationals; specifically, the Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list of aliens "blocked" from U.S. employment;

    c) Integrates the results into employers' intake processes.