Premier Cards

The MarketView Premier Card is your answer for achieving 100% Direct Deposit

The Premier Card enables any employee to receive Direct Deposit – saving employers millions of dollars in payroll costs and resources, and saving employees time and money.

Low-wage workers who don’t have accounts with financial institutions are typically locked out of an electronic banking world and are not candidates for direct deposit. This decreases employers’ efficiency and increases the cost of doing business.

MarketView’s Premier Card Service changes those dynamics. MarketView is already transforming businesses in the: food service; hospitality; agriculture; building maintenance; health care and insurance industries.

Premier Card Features

  • Direct Deposit enabled
  • Full debit card privileges – STAR branded
  • Cost savings & convenience
  • Money transfers: domestic & overseas
  • Retail purchases virtually anywhere
  • Bill payment (utilities, telephone, etc.)

Benefits to Corporate Clients
(annual revenues of $50 Mill-$1.5 Billion)

  • Ease of use of MarketView’s Web Deposit Services
  • Ease of use of MarketView’s Web Stub Services
  • Ease of use of MarketView’s Centralized Administrative Functions
  • Multi-level Centralized and site specific Customer Service Support Functions

Employee Saves Money
It’s your personal bank – no more lines, no more high check cashing fees, and no more rejections. Instant access to you money anytime, anywhere!

  • Up to 80% less than check cashing
  • Surcharges free ATM’s
  • No check cashing lines
  • Multiple cards on account
  • Safe and secure banking
  • No minimums balances
  • No rejection

Benefits to Payroll Companies
Six reasons to partner with MarketView:

  1. Increases your recurring revenue
  2. Enhances your overall product offering
  3. Simple solution: easy to implement
  4. Increases your brand loyalty
  5. Bilingual marketing support
  6. Turn-key customer service – 800 number

MarketView’s STAR branded cards are accepted at close to 2 million retailers nation-wide